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Sharks- Lords Of The Sea


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Shark Books

Because I love to read I have decided to post a list of books that I have read (or read a part of) that in some way have to do with sharks. I own many of these books, but other such as the out-of-print ones I got from my College library at SUNY Morrisville.

Great White Shark: Richard Ellis John E. McCosker

Richard Ellis and John E. McCosker


Shark Attacks: Alex MacCormick

Alex MacCormick

Aquagenesis: Richard Ellis

Richard Ellis
Includes Some Information On Sharks

Monsters Of The Sea: Richard Ellis

Richard Ellis
Includes Some Information On Sharks 

Sharks And Rays: Time Life books.

Put together by a number of scientists including Timothy C. Tricas, Peter R. Last, and John E. McCosker.

Eyewitness Books: Shark

Miranda MacQuitty

Sharks: Challengers Of The Deep

Mary M. Cerullo with photos by Jeff Rotman 

Sharks: Edited By John Stevens

Edited by John Stevens

Jaws: Peter Benchley

Peter Benchley

Creature/White Shark: Peter Benchley

Peter Benchley
Also published under the name "White Shark"

Sharks In Question

Victor G. Springer and Joy P. Gold









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